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Easier said than done

René Schuster wrote:

René Schuster wrote:

Joe Pineapples wrote:

... a rule that a person cannot act as normal forum member and moderator in the same thread.

Said it before in another thread, this idea makes a lot of sense!


Just looked up that other thread, it was not you but Dan Marchant, a moderator on a couple other forums, who came up with this good idea:

This thread, btw, is also locked now. Well, hmm, ... no, forget it, lol!


Good idea if there are other moderators in the same forum. Not all forums have more than one, or if they do, some moderators are able to spend more time in the forums than others. (I'm a moderator in another forum myself.)

Then again some subjects are of interest to more than one moderator. How do you keep from comment or sharing if you really want to participate.

Personally I would give up moderation if I could not be included in forum threads, discussions, debates, etc.

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