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Re: Basis of knowledge, please clarify

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

Regarding Feedback: I believe that when providing Feedback, if there is a specific request included in the Feedback for a Reply, then Dpreview staff that handle that function try to indeed provide feedback to the originator.

Am curious about what specific form of knowledge that you are basing your stated belief upon.

Found no mention of the word "reply", "respond", or "response" here:

... and this single appearance of the word "respond" in the therein-referenced FAQ:

Can I email you?

I really prefer it if you use our feedback page, I get well over 200 emails every day and thus it's very unlikely that I will be able to respond to any email sent. All feedback sent on our feedback page is read.

This naturally will not be in "Real Time" since that would be impossible to handle with the Staff

NOTE: Just in case if anyone is wondering, I am neither a Politician or a Minister

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