Breaking the rule of thirds?

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Re: Breaking the rule of thirds?

cnw180 wrote:

Many books you read and advice given by other photographers tells you that you must use the rule of thirds when composing a photo. There are some exceptions, but I wonder if these apply to landscape photography. I'd welcome comments on the subject and on the photo I've attached to the thread.

Like the others, I emphasise that there are no rules, just guidelines to draw the eye and make the photo more visually intreresting.

The important thing is "Does the photo look interesting" and even that question has various answers - for example, each of us has different levels of subjectivity and attraction to various scenes, subjects and topics.

The intention of this photo was symmetry, to draw the eye to the sun at the centre in one respect, but to take in both the darker foreground and the colours in the sky. The picture doesn't follow the rule of thirds, so does it work? To me it does so, but does it to others?

Since "rule" is popular jargon, there is one rule additional rule this photo breaks - don't have a photo where the horizon is 50% separating the top and bottom of the photo. If you cover up with black card on the screen, the bottom quarter or so of the photo, you have a dramatic photo of the sun. If you cover one quarter of the top, you have a dramatic photo of the sunset and clouds over a dark ground.

As is, there is too much black at the bottom of the photo that makes my eye tired and the sunset seems over dramatic and pasted on.

This personal opinion not fact.

You can read books on compostion - they bore me to death but something brief and sweet like this url kicks my mind into gear easily

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