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marike6 wrote:

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Zardoz wrote:

The OP doesn't have the power to do that, and discussion of moderation is only permitted in the Open Talk forum. Additionally, none of the other forums on DPR have the agenda of removing negative post to protect the camera vendor.

It doesn't sound particularly even handed to want to remove all the so called "duplicate" negative posts, and yet there's no mention of all the "duplicate" positive posts. There are plenty of utterly worthless threads both negative and positive. If you're not interested, the solution is to skip over them.

Absolute rubbish.

There is a concerted attempt to trash Fujifilm, and in particular, the X-Trans innovation at every possible opportunity. I don't mind constructive criticism of anything if it is based on fact but rarely is it. Pure negative fantasy bumblings that I and others are becoming very tired of around here.

Funny thing is it is usually the same 'ole user identities over and over and over and over again.


+1. And ignoring repeat or negative posts is the not an effective solution since users pushing their own "anti-X" agendas usually make their voices heard anyway, often within other threads so a that a useful or interesting post suddenly becomes negative and confrontational.

I dont think you can say this with any degree of certainty because no one (NO ONE) ever ignores posts that they disagree with.  The same old crowd jumps up and down and goes BSC when I post.  I or someone else expresess something about a Fuji camera that we dont like and there is certain to be 30 or more follow ups.  Is that ignoring? I dont think so.

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