Manual video controls - Is fuji management ignorant or just stupid?

Started Jan 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Manual video controls - Is fuji management ignorant or just stupid?

Zardoz wrote:

Ignorance, if you want to pick one. Video has been tacked on to still cameras for quite some time, but it has been seen by the still camera manufacturers as a niche checklist feature with no consideration as to how it's actually used.

Canon and Panasonic seem to be listening to what videographers want and adjusting the hardware and software to accommodate those needs better than any of the other manufacturers at this point. With time and as the market develops, I'm sure the others will follow.

See I don't get it, they've already got manual controls for stills and video is running semi-manual.

its a matter off simply adding the extra code to allow one to set shutter and iso, don't see where the difficulty is? where hardware should matter as this is a software thing.

its clear japanese firms are really suffering and it's well known they are stuck in their old world mentality of seeing hardware as all encompassing and software least important, this doesn't fly in the modern market ..

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