What would cause you to switch to canon?

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Re: What would cause you to switch to canon?

Put a  D800 sensor in a Canon 1Dx or 5DIII and you have by far the best camera in the world.  Canon AF is the 5DIII and 1Dx is amazing, much better then 1DIV and Nikon D3, and a little better then the D4. The AF is the 1Dx and 5D3 for the OUTER POINTS are far superior 90% of the time over the D600 for sure, and esp the D800 (the fixed D800 are good)  All the cameras on center point are very very close except the 6D, which for single shot in darkness is the best of any camera. -3ev

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I'm not particularly enamoured with Nikon colors (yes you can tweak this in post). The green screen (now fixed on mine) was a big thorn in my side. You have to shoot at a faster shutter speed than previous generation cameras (somewhat negating the high ISO benefits), slow FPS, etc. Also, there are issues with the D4 screen and the D600 oil. Not to mention AF problems that have been talked about.

Long term, this concerns me about Nikon's future. That, and they do not engineer their own sensors anymore.

I've thought about switching, but it would be a loss of thousands of dollars. Would I be happier?

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