GH3 - the 2nd coming! How'z your EVF look?

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Re: GH3 - the 2nd coming! How'z your EVF look?

mrxak wrote:

Anyway, I had an hour of partially cloudy weather this afternoon. Things were slow going at first, but I started to get some good opportunities, and I think overall I had a very successful birdwatching session, and a decently successful photography session as well. For some reason the House Sparrows around here are very shy, and I've been largely unsuccessful at getting close-ups on them. Today, I got several fairly good pictures, and I really think I have to credit a combination of the sunlight and the GH3 sensor giving me a much quicker shutter speed than I probably would have needed otherwise. I also got probably my best Downy Woodpecker shot, again thanks to the GH3's ISO performance and quite a bit of luck since she surprised me. The Red-bellied Woodpeckers remain quite shy, but I was able to get some nice distance shots. I'll post a few pictures a little later in this thread, but I'll say again right now that the ISO performance of the GH3 is letting me take pictures I would not have been able to get before. That makes me very happy.

As promised, some pictures. I found that when it was sunny, it was better to use the EVF than try to look at the back screen with sunglasses on. So I used the EVF quite a bit today. I wasn't thinking about it at all, so didn't see any smearing at all. EVF is very easy to work with.

I do think I need to adjust the red a bit, though.

Black-capped Chickadee

Female Downy Woodpecker

Another Chickadee

Red-breasted Nuthatch

There are more pictures from today's shoot here:

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