Why so many Tokina 11-16mm lenses for sale?

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Re: Why so many Tokina 11-16mm lenses for sale?

Buzz Lightyear wrote:

I find it interesting and puzzling that in my search for a Tokina 12-24mm DX II wide angle lens, I see LOTS of Tokina 11-16mm lenses for sale -- and I mean LOTS. I thought this lens was supposed to be extremely sharp and well made, so I find it curious that so many are up for sale. Initially, I had considered this lens as a potential alternative to a 12-24 if I can't find one for the right price, but seeing so many for sale, I'm having my doubts that it would be a good idea. Does anyone have any idea why so many are up for sale? I suspect that it may be that the focal range is so narrow that users have discovered it is too limiting, but that's just a guess.

I'd say you're seeing more of these than the 12-24 because it is more limited. The 12-24 is far more versatile. Often a landscape isn't suited to ultra-wide. It's nice to have the option of 24 at the other end when you're out and about. I think a lot of people fall into the trap of looking at the widest of the wide, and aren't aware that they often need a more conventional landscape focal length at the other end. Ultra-wide can be hard to manage in certain situations. Stick to your guns and go for the Toki 12-24.

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