Waiting for the D400? You're not alone...

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Re: Waiting for the D400? You're not alone...

In addition, remember that this is an equipment forum, not a photography forum!

Yes, yes, we should all make best use of the cameras we have, rather than obsess about the ones we don't have.  But as John says, I could really do with another stop or two of high ISO / noise performance.  I take a lot of sessions in low light where flash and studio lighting aren't options. I'm right on the edge with the D300, and lose a lot of pictures because of excessive noise (or motion blur at the shutter speeds I have to use).

I think the D300 is a really great camera, and I use it a lot.  But nothing wrong with wanting something better...

And before anyone says it: no, I don't really want FX, if only because I'd have to spend $2-3k replacing lenses.  And I don't want the extra weight, and I like the increased DoF of DX, and I like the extra reach...

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