Getting rid of the V1

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Re: Getting rid of the V1

Kiet_Hang wrote:

Okay, so I bought the V1 when BHPhoto had the firesale on them during December. Well, its been almost two months and I have tried it out comprehensively. It looks like I will be getting rid of it. I just can't get over the image quality of the sensor. Looks like I will probably have to look at the Sony RX1 to get a sall pockeable camera with good image quality. Its a shame since there's lots of stuff I like about it.

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I am not a brand loyalist, I can take equally bad pictures with any brand...

Nice pics, thanks for sharing. I liked the one at the bottom best. The ones that isolate the subject and draw attention to it are usually the ones I find most appealing.

The price of the V1 is small potatoes in the scheme of things like the D800 and RX1 so if you can afford those you should not feel much pain. I hope you did not expect D800 quality for V1 money..

Enjoy your RX1.

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