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Re: Slightly OT raw converter discussion

jonska wrote:

Robgo2 wrote:

Here is an OT suggestion in this OT raw convertor discussion. Get Photo Ninja, and stop worrying about LR/ACR, Irfanview, Capture One and all the rest.


Good advice, no doubt, but I'm not sure you will have many takers. I looked at some of the user reviews and all is not unmixed bliss in the world of Photo Ninja, although most people seem to be very happy.

I have tried Noise Ninja, though, and it is superb.

Actually, Photo Ninja has a growing number of users, many of whom are ecstatic both with the results and the ease of use.  Rest assured that it raises the bar considerably for raw convertors, and the competition will have to work overtime just to catch up.  I have participated in some of the PN discussions on DPR, and many of the negative comments hinged on unfamiliarity with the UI, which was not always the user's fault.  It is a new program, and most of us early adopters are still figuring it out, but the more I use it, the more I am convinced that it is the best raw convertor by far.  Download a trial version and judge for yourself.  Just take time to understand the presets and adjustment tools.  There aren't many, but they are powerful.


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