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Re: Nex 6 superior auto

davect01 wrote:

bongo wrote:

my understanding is that in superior auto the nex does auto hdr. That would mean the camera should take 3 shots in quick succession and then combine them into one photo. My nex takes only one shot in superior auto?

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It chooses which mode, one of which can be HDR depending on the situation.

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Yep I think that's the primary difference between the Superior and regular iAuto. Superior can do HDR if it decided the scene needs it such as the dynamic range is too wide. This can be a negative with people photography because it might decide to fire off HDR when you're trying to capture a moving subject.

In cases like that and if you're shooting in iAuto in a first place it is better to use the regular iAuto which will never fire HDR.

I actually don't know if there are any other differences between the two modes.

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