A true D700 successor: D600 sensor in D800 body ... and fur gods sake, leave the damn video out!!!

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Re: A true D700 successor

michaeladawson wrote:

csn wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

Dream on. Not going to happen.

I don't see why not. It would be a natural move on Nikon's part mating existing components and would solve multiple issues at once. People gripe about D800 file size and low fps. This would remedy both of those issues while maintaining very high IQ. Furthermore, because it is using existing (off the self) components, development costs would be low. As an engineer, I would find this solution a no-brainer.

Because it's doubtful Nikon wants to have 4 FX bodies to maintain. Or are you suggesting they stop making the D800? I don't think you are. Now add to it a high MP pro body like the D4X that some people want and you now have 5 FX bodies to maintain.

Could Nikon put the D600 sensor in a D800 body? Sure they could. What do you suggest it sell for? Would there be any point to selling the D600 anymore?

It's simple. Nikon is loosing sales because potential customers (like me) want neither the D600 (too entry level feel) nor the D800 (slow fps and cumbersome file size).

The D600 is an entry level FX body. Nikon could discount it a bit (which is already happening) and would sell zillion of them.

The D800/800E are specialist FX bodies with pixel counts in the stratosphere; they will always have their special place with landcape, product and studio artist who need that kind of image detail.

The rest who want a semi-pro 'jack-of-all-trade' FX body would be happy with the D750, which would nicely slot in between the D600/800 pair in the mid $2K price range.

Yes, this is a proliferation of bodies but it covers the entire FX market. Reading the posts in various Nikon related forums, one gets a sense that there is a giant hole in Nikon's FX line up, which needs some serious plugging.

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