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jonska wrote:

Ilkka Valkila wrote:

Actually there is a way to do it to a large group of images at once, even all images in the catalog minus one. Do it to one image, select the image in Library module in grid view, right-click on it, select Develop Settings -> Copy Settings, in the dialog box click Check None, click on Process Version to select it and click Copy. Then select all the images you want to update to the new version, right-click and select Develop Settings -> Paste Settings. But I would not recommend doing it on everything at once.

Good tip and good advice. What I could do is start by selecting all my unprocessed images (the ones with no colour code) and update those to the 2012 conversion to see what happens. No harm done, then, as it would simply be as if I had imported them all into Adobe 4 the first time. I have to think about it before I take the plunge, but thanks for the tip and advice.

If you haven't processed them at all they'll open with the new process anyway.  It's only after you've touched them that your work is set at the point you did it.

My processed images I could do one by one, or perhaps collection by collection, to see the effects (assuming that "undo" is possible).

It's easy to do that.  Open the image in LR4; click the icon at bottom right and you get the new process (with your old settings translated to the new but not altered functionally).  If you like it click "Done" or carry on working; if you don't like it click "Cancel" and it closes with the old settings.  [These clicks are how ACR works in CS; if LR isn't exactly the same there must be an equivalent process]

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