Focus magnify on OMD with legacy lenses or "ordinary" extension tubes?

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Re: Focus magnify on OMD with legacy lenses or "ordinary" extension tubes?

Domagoj Batinic wrote:

Can anyone tell me if it's possible, and if so how, to use the focus magnify on an OMD with a legacy lens which has no electrical connections in the lens?

I've got several situations where I would like to be able to do this -- some legacy leica glass and MFT lenses used with simple extension tubes which don't have the electrical connections.

I've got MF mapped to Fn2 and Focus Enhance turned on, but since the camera doesn't detect any focus ring movement it doesn't do anything.

you can use focus magnify with manual lenses , just map it to fn button. i have it on fn2 with MF setting mapped on fn1

Thanks.  I had Fn2 mapped to multi-fn earlier and I guess I will go back to that with MF and magnify for the default.

just, how you intend to use MFT with extension tubes without electrical connections, because of no control over the aperture?

I discovered that issue a day or two ago and have been wondering about it.  I guess it will work with legacy glass with manual aperature control but I don't see a way around it with the mft lenses.  Which means either some expensive extension tubes, a proper MFT macro lens, or carrying additional legacy glass.  I guess I will wait a bit and see what new glass is coming up, as I'd like something like a 15-35 fast sealed macro.

Thanks again.

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