Any issues with NEX 6 in cold weather?

Started Oct 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
tharwan Forum Member • Posts: 51
Re: My 5R has survived UK 'snow bomb' with flying colours...

I had some trouble with my NEX 6 and the SEL1650 in the cold (about -10°C). From time to time the camera would somehow loose the electronic connection to the lens and act like a manual lens was mounted (focus peaking showed up). Then the screen went black for a second and everything was back to normal.

I think I tracked this down to happening only when the camera was cold and I touched the zoomring and the zoom whip simultaneously, which can happen pretty quickly with cloves on.

I tried to reproduced it a few times when the camera was cold, and it did not seam to happen every time but often.

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