DP3M Poll: Who's interested?

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Re: DP3M Poll: Who's interested?

SandyF wrote:

villebon wrote:

Tom Schum wrote:

I'm just wondering how many on this forum are interested in purchasing a DP3M.

So, if I wanted all three focal lengths (19mm, 30mm and 50mm) I'd need to buy three camera bodies. Way to go Sigma, it ranks way up there with your $10,000 SD1 camera.

So to answer your question, a definite no at this time. Sorry.

I don't think it's that outrageous a situation (different cameras for different mm's). Pick which you 'need' or prefer.

I think of them as almost like lenses... it's really easy to pay about $1000 (or more) for a Canon L lens or prime. The DPxMerrill cameras are a heck of a lot lighter and smaller and easier to carry around than most L lenses too!

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A very big advantage of any DPxM is that you can't remove the lens.  This means it is less likely that the sensor will get dirty and need to be cleaned.  On the other hand if the sensor gets dirty you can't clean it at all.

This is a big reason why I am interested in a DP3M.  The other reason is the focal length.

I have a SD1 and have tried several times to clean the sensor.  Yesterday I spent all afternoon cleaning, checking, recleaning, checking, over and over.  No success.  I end up moving the blotches and specks around.  The cover glass is very thin (partially due to lack of an AA filter) and the sensor is highly reflective (like a CD on steroids) so if you can even see any dirt you will be lucky.  Not only this, whatever liquid you use will leave submicroscopic residue and this will be visible in your images even if you get ALL the dust off.  Sure I know that others say the proper cleaning fluid will leave no residue, but they are simply mistaken when it comes to the SD1 sensor.  It sees ALL.

DP3M means I will not have to clean the sensor.  DP3M is interesting to me and I hope it delivers on the image quality.  If so, my SD1 is probably going the way of the Dodo.

Meanwhile I've contacted Sigma USA about having them clean the sensor.  I'm guessing they won't do any better.

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