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Re: Forums rules, please clarify

Pedagydusz wrote:

Biggs23 wrote:

Well, I suppose you're welcome to talk about us if you'd like, but if that talk is insulting or attacking that would then be a violation of the rules. It is against forum rules to insult or attack ANY forum member, mod or not.

"Attacking", I understand that it would not be very well thought of.

What about "Criticizing"? That can be done in a constructive and civilized way, type "I think this MOD has overreacted, the answer was really quite sensible".

I hope that I made myself clear, please don't overreact!

I understand what you're saying. As a human being I even agree with you. However, the way that the rules are written I would still have to say that such discussions that directly discuss the actions of a moderator would violate the rules and be subject to deletion. Sorry dude.

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