Ineed your advice... Pentax Q?

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Re: Ineed your advice... Pentax Q?

Thank you all very much for your wise advice.

I´ve been reading a lot more and forgot a very important aspect for candids. DOF and bookeh!

Because of the small sensor it will be very hard in this chapter, even with the 01 at f/1.9, don´t you agree?

Some very interesting options you gave me. In the context I just described (DOF and bookeh) I will rule out every other small sensor.

I will rule out DSLR because of size.

The K01 seems a very sweet alternative but I believe it is almost the same size as an entry DSLR, still withou being one in the positive aspects, am I wrong?

Plus it is only sold with the usual entry kits lens or body. If I want a prime for portraits like the Limited DA 40, I don´t believe that I can afford both.

Really don´t know what to do. Like the Nex but even the older ones are quite expensive for me. The NEX 5N or 5R seem fantastic with stellar reviews ( can´t tell the difference between both "models") but I´m not sure if I will be abble to afford them.

Now I really don´t know what to do.

Thank you


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