Retro Feel with OM-D and PL25

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Re: Well.....

dprstevie wrote:

dprstevie wrote:

Don't see any need to do anything else to it. Great shot as it is!!

try Sepia, B&W or vignetting and see if you like it.

Maybe drop the overall birghtness a bit too.

Digital photography is great!


? What's wrong with it as it is?


The photographer is trying to evoke a 1950's feel. Most shots in that era were B&W. It would be credible here becuase of the Formica top, the vintage juke box, the short hair on the boy, etc. Sepia would make it look like a B&Wpint from that era that got old.

Also, it has a very large dynamic range which reproduces better in B&W which will also ameliorate the slightly washed out colors due to the slight overexposure.

What is wrong with suggesting improvements?

Does every photo posted here have to be affirmed as is?


He didn't ask for improvements and IMHO doesn't need improving, especially not with cheesy effects. What's wrong with enjoying a photo as it is without blitzing it in photoshop

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