OM-D E-M5 a huge disappointment for me...

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Re: Agree though I stayed in the system because

MT wrote:

Agree with your assessment. I was stunned and dismayed when I discovered shutter shock, especially for that amazing 45mm for portrait.

HOWEVER, I still kept the system for these reasons:

1. I do not find an alternative system that is small/light with the incredible range of auto focusing prime selection.

2. I trust my lens collection will retain its value through the years.

3. I trust that eventually better bodies will come that will largely solve the shutter shock problem - and my lenses will still be superb.

4. I use 1/8 anti-shock most of the time and it is fine. I got used to anticipating the precise peak moment and have done OK with that - even with people crossing the stage to for awards etc. It is not as good for very high speed events like basketball. In that case, I shoot a bit wider so that I can crop.


Thanks for your input.  I agree with you on points 1-3, the one I am struggling with is 4.  The delay drives me crazy but does improve the problem dramatically.

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