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Re: Some pointless discussions lately

Completely agree with the OP as people in almost ALL of the DPR forums don't seem to EVER use the search previous threads to see if a question has been already asked.

As far as the seemingly endless "Fuji isn't this" or "X-Trans isn't this", it's not always easy to avoid such threads.  Often they are like train wrecks that you just can't look away from.  What's more is even within other threads, there are users who troll, bash, or gripe about all things Fuji.  As a satisfied Fuji user, it makes this forum and the X10 forum, at times, a bit unpleasant place to post.  It's the same on the Nikon FX forum where there are literally daily "asked and answered" threads about well covered "D800 Left AF issues", "D600 Dust", "Shame on Nikon", etc.  For satisfied users such as myself, it often feels like another parallel camera universe where the best cameras are suddenly the worst with the most problems.   With all the negative posts, yet all the superb X-Trans images, I sometimes feel that all the complaints don't match up with the reality.

By the way, on the X10 forum, I've even experienced cases of moderators bashing Fuji, and trashing the as of yet unshipped X20 as "Fuji's newest disaster".  It's kind of disheartening when you are super excited about a camera, you pre-order it, yet you have to read all this kind of negative talk.   Besides, I thought moderators were supposed to mitigate trolling. (Please note: I'm aware that moderators work for free and do a great job that I very much appreciate).

Anyway, I don't know about "sticky notes" but I don't see why a simple "Fuji X System FAQ" couldn't be created.  And every time someone posts a "asked and answered" question, people could simply post a reply with the link to the "Fuji X System FAQ".

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