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Mikedigi wrote:

SirLataxe wrote:

Ms Family, . . . . .

. . . . . (I blame Ayn Rand) . . . . . .

SirLordoftheRings, who the **** is Ayn Rand? I could look him up, but I made a new year resolution to spend less time on the Net.

And another one about drinking . . . I am trying to drink less, but I do not always succeed.

Sir Mike

Sir Dig It,

Trust me - you don't want to know!

But I'll tell you anyway.

Ayn Rand was a female person (sort of) who preached a weird self-centred attitude to Americans that she named "objectiivism".  This was her first major error as what she was recommending was subjectivisim of the most solipsistic ilk.

Suffice it to say that this fundamental mis-grasp of reality on her part led to many other errors in thinking, not to mention two of the most turgid novels you will ever have read.  (How do I know this?  I ploughed heroically through them, a task only possible becaue of the periodic guffaws of incredulity at her ramblings).

Anyway, should you feel a desire to pretend that everything about your life is a result of your excellent planning and merciless striving after money at everyone else's expense, rather than a series of lucky strokes and lots of help from other folk, Ayn's the lass for you!  But I warn 'Ee!  You will get bored silly and your reading eyes will fall out in protest.

It's worse for them as believes her.  Their brains melt right there in their wee heeds!

SirLataxe, an avid consumer of crazy "philosophies".

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