D800E 24 image Milky Way mosaic

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Re: D800E 24 image Milky Way mosaic

I mainly use 14-24mm F2.8ED and I have also used 24-70mm F2.8ED. I think F2.8 is the irreducible minimum here. I have a Samyang 24mm F1.4 which is good also but you need to stop it to F2 before coma and chromatic aberrations are tamed enough to use it. 24mm is as long as I would go at 30 seconds. In fact the 24mm at F2 is bright at about 12-15 seconds and I will probably try that next time. 14mm is good that way in that 30 seconds still has relatively round stars hence the ISO6400. I suppose I could do a panorama using the Vixen Polarie lightweight travel mount but the D800E is a bit heavy and bulky for that. I could probably just do it.

I used Lightroom 4.3 to do lens corrections. Also noise control. It does these better than NX2.

I did not do anything when taking the photos to allow for distortions. I overlap at least 25% and I think most of this was overlapped at least 50%. It was a problem with stitching though. I found this one the hardest to stitch so far as there are some trees and foreground objects that created parallax errors.

I intend to get a Nodal Ninja NN4 pano head before the next lot to make this aspect a lot easier. This shot was simply done by shifting the camera on the ballhead and levelling using the artificial horizon in the D800E.


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