D800E 24 image Milky Way mosaic

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Re: D800E 24 image Milky Way mosaic

The pink and red and green banding is related to aurora. It is a radioactive emission from charged molecules. The different colours relate to different elements reacting. I think red is sodium, blue is oxygen, I forget what green and yellow are. I could look it up if you are interested.

At first I though these colours were an artifact in previous images I have taken. My site is very dark, almost light pollution free which is quite rare in the modern industrialised world. I see it also in other people's images too. It varies. On time lapses you can see it moving like slow moving clouds. Some nights its more prominent than others.  Its called skyglow.  Its not visible to the eye and you would need a dark site to pick it up.

I often wondered why sometimes I would get a green gradient in my telescope images from my dark site. There was clearly no light pollution. This is why.

These modern cameras are so sensitive now they are picking this stuff up. The green skyglow can e quite bright in some images I have taken so I turned down the white balance to 4200K and reduced green and magenta -1 each in white balance.

Those colours are slightly enhanced but clearly visible even on the LCD download.

Fascinating really.


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