Shooting distance doesn't appear in the EXIF datas !?!

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Brandon birder Veteran Member • Posts: 4,106
Re: @ Brandon !

JP Scherrer wrote:

Brandon birder wrote:

It could be windows or Adobe. Using Aperture and a MacBook Pro the exif information is correct for my lenses on a D800. Except when a TC2Eiii is used and then it is wrong.

Haaaaaaaa ! This is something I didn't think of ! The images for which I searched the shooting distance were all shot with the 300 f/2.8 PLUS the 2x converter ! Now..... could it be a bad -or missing- connection between the lens -> converter and the body ?


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JP, glad that's sorted. I don't think it is a connection thing as metering is fine and exif distance seems always wrong with the TC. but fine without it. Could be a Nikon firmware bug I suppose. I tend to ignore this but it would be nice if it recorded properly.

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