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Re: 7D2 coming in 2nd half of 2013? (canonrumors credits a "very reliable source"...)

elfroggio wrote:

crazybadger wrote:

Isn't the expression "canon rumours" and "a reliable source" something of an oxymoron

Sorry...just teasing. It is fun to speculate but I really wouldn't put too much faith in canon rumours. I've lost count as to the number of "new 100-400 imminent" postings over the years. Eventually they will be correct and then they can chalk it up as another success prediction. Oh-well...even a broken clock is right twice in one day

When I bought my Canon 7D in 2009, I was looking at the 100-400 and the professional rumor mongers were saying, don't, Canon is coming out with a new model of the 100-400. 6 month later, I bought the Sigma 120-400 because the new 100-400 is "just around the corner." 2013 and the new 100-400 is still "just around the corner." The question should rather be which crystal ball or which century.

The main problem is that the current 100-400L f/4-5.6 sells for around $1800 (in Canada), any new version will be of a magnitude more. Lately, Canon hasn't cheapened their new L lenses, with some new lenses more than $10,000. Again the rumor mill (the one that is always wrong but that I still check on a weekly basis) says that the future 200-400 will be in the $6000 range...

The last I saw was $11000. At $6000 ( US $?) I may be interested, except someone who held one says it is as heavy as 500mm.


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