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Re: Nikon Japan is working on solutions....

TOF guy wrote:

Well all Nikon says is that the rgb sensor and the autofocus sensor cloely work together...

so that it is very possible that in different light we actually have a different bias to the autofocus system but Nikon does not enclose how the system works.. its actually one of

the most well kept sectrets.. BUT.... if the people show some of the badly focussed WITH

inclusion of the autofocus point selection from Capture NX2 display then Nikon can make some changes to the databank....

Its avery complex matter though !

Thank you for the info.

One person suggested chromatic abberations affecting the lens which focuses the light on the AF sensor. So at least that's not it.

This issue of AF needing different fine tune values in incandescent light and daylight seems new. It seems that the algorithm calculating the bias needs to be reviewed with the new rgb sensor. SO maybe there should be a firmware update instead of an adjustement of the bias table on a camera.

In any case it is good to read that Nikon is working on a solution. But good communication with customers does not hurt a bit, so why not let its customers know publicly ? Any reasonable person would understand that a complex problem needs time to be resolved, but nobody likes to be let guessing what Nikon's next move will be ?

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Thierry - posted as regular forum member

Pentax had the same issue with the K5.. consistent FF in Tungsten lighting..

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