LR4 - One catalog, two HDs

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Re: LR4 - One catalog, two HDs

johnsong wrote:

Do you have any ideas or resources (online tutorial, article, or something) on how to easily manage pictures in LR using two drives - one for "best and recent" pictures, other for "let's keep those, just in case" pictures? I'd really appreciate it

Try Google and it will return all sorts of information

Ok so the question is "do you have any RECOMMENDED ideas or resources on how to manage pictures in LR using two drives"

And one more question about Smart Collection - I've just created one (rating < 3 stars, capture date is NOT within last 6 months). How can I manage it effectively now? I have my main drive (everything's here right now), arranged this way: Pictures > Year > Year-Month-Day > raw_pictures_here ; and I have a second drive. How can I make moving files around automatic or as simple as possible? Sadly I have almost no experience with it, except failed attempts to move something around (and creating some missing files / folders along the way)

Btw1. Is it possible to dismiss this "The file named XYZ is offline or missing" sign when pictures are offline? I'd like to keep them in one library for convenience of VIEWING them in Lightroom at full sized previews, but this warning sign makes it hard

Btw2. I've tried moving selected pictures in lightroom to the different folder, but the move uncategorised, I mean, just pictures with no folder structure. Can I make the folder structure as the one from IMPORT option in LR?

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