Yet another OM-D vs. GH3 thread

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Re: Yet another OM-D vs. GH3 thread

Anders W wrote:

gtravis wrote:

The third thing is "The menus are so much more initiative, logical, and simpler than the OM-D."

This is a point which I have sometimes seen mentioned before. However, In spite of repeatedly asking those who make such claims, I have never got an answer that manages to specify exactly what is "more intuitive, logical, and simpler" about the menu system on the GH3 (or other Panasonics) than on the E-M5. Of course, the E-M5 has a large number of menu settings. So, however, I would guess, has the GH3. So precisely what is so much better about the GH3 menus?

Why do I like the colour blue and my friend likes the colour red? Why do I like driving one model of car, but my friend likes to drive a different one?

Not everything can be broken down into a quantitative value, especially something personal like menu layout (although of course there are qualities that are generally held to make a menu system user friendly).

I love my EPL3 (which I use when I want something small vs. my GH2), but I really don't like the menu system. I guess I could sit down and list all the things I find odd and non intuitive, but why bother? I know many people like the way the menus work, so it's obviously just personal difference of opinion.

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