how many $$$ have legacy lenses saved for you? and aren't they fun?

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Re: Zombies....

tedolf wrote:

mgibbs wrote:

tedolf wrote:

mgibbs wrote:

tedolf wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

Because of the 2X focal length modifier, legacy lenses are all telephoto lenses, so the only use for them that makes any sense is cheap portrait lenses.

that is huge!

Also, you are forgetting about low light nature/theater work.

U 4/3 has nothing for that.

Now, if you already own the M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.8, what benefit is there to using a legacy lens? Does anyone have an example of a portrait that was taken with the m.zuiko 45mm, and then taken with a legacy lens, showing that the portrait with the legacy lens is better?

That is not the point.

If it is just as good, and it saved you $400.00 that is a big deal.

Also, some of us like the look legacy lenses give.


Agreed - the whole point of my including the first w pics in the parent post was to show that, if not as good as the native lens analogues, the quality of my legacy lenses certainly justifies putting off the purchase of the more expensive native lenses at least for some time.

tedolph gets me. does that make me a ZIT? (zombie in training)

As a dedicated MF user, (or just plain MFer as Timmy would say) you are hereby granted the exaulted status of Brain Dead Tedolph Zombie(tm).


Supreme Commander of the Brain Dead Tedolph Zombies.

Awesome! I feel like Anakin Skywalker, pledging his fealty to the Emperor.....

Actually, it is worse than that.

Have I ever told you about our secret army of mind controled robot squirells?

$6.99 Five Star 70-210mm F mount zoom from Good Will store.


I've seen his lackey - shot with my $60 FD 135mm 2.8:

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