Help please: 75/1.8 instead of 35-100?

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Re: Zoom for family

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Vlad S wrote:

S. Miller wrote:

Unfortunately though, for the the typical low light shooting that I do in my home or similar settings, f/2.8 isn't fast enough. I usually shoot friends and family just hanging out.

At 75mm the lens has angle of view so narrow, that you would have to walk quite a significant distance in order to "zoom with your feet." If your primary interest is to take pictures of friends and family hanging out, then you have to understand, you will be hanging out a lot less with them, and walking around them a lot more.

This is something I agree with.

For taking casual portrait-type shots with natural light of friends-family situations in which you want to participate, 45mm and 20mm are better focal lengths.

This may not only take away from your time with the family, but also annoy them.

The 75 works a lot better when the subject is not changing the location, so you choose your distance, and stay put. Think studios, concerts, etc. At least that's what I think.

And by the way, since you have E-M5, don't be afraid to raise your ISO. You don't need to take family pictures at ISO 200. ISO 3200 would give you quite acceptable results in this context, and f/2.8 should be sufficiently fast.


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Some very good points have been raised. I noted that I want to focus on two types of portraiture: environmental, for which I could use the 17/1.8 and tighter shots with the 45/1.8, or possibly the 75/1.8. Roel, your and Vlad's post got me thinking that I would have to be all the way across the room to use the 75 indoors, which I absolutely agree would be weird, and borderline creepy.

However, I just took a shot of my daughter hanging out in our family room and set my 40-150 to 75mm. To fill the frame the way I envisioned for this type of indoor shot (head and shoulders with background blown out), I was no more than 7 ft away from her. So while I immediately thought that there was no use for a 75 indoors for this type of shot, I'm now thinking it could be very fun to shoot with this lens inside.


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