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peacefrog33756 wrote:

I purchased the red version last week from B&H. After using it for two days, I returned it. Although the camera is nicely built, the lens opening/closing on my copy wasn't precise. It seemingly snagged between the standby position and fully open necessitating fully closing it and then restarting the opening/turning-on process again. Sometimes it worked; most times it didn't. Also my copy, when it did open properly, seemingly made some grating noise that was irritating.

Yes, the XF1 is a surprisingly loud compact camera.  Sounds very strange for sure.

As far as IQ, the XF-1 jpegs were just OK to my eyes. Centers were sharp enough but corners were lackluster and fuzzy especially between 1.8 and 2.2. By 2.4, things got much better and the lens on my copy was very nice at around 5.6. RAW files were overall much better than OOC jpegs, but I had to resort to Silkypix for conversion. Noise began creeping in at just over ISO400, but controlled to about 1250 when things quickly went downhill overall. CA wasn't an issue to my eyes.

Focus seemed fast enough for my use both in good and less than optimal conditions. The menu system is fast enough, and the inclusion of the e-Fn button is quite helpful.

In the end, I just had some major issues with the lens mechanism system and have some reservations about its long term durability. It just seemed too "plasticky" for me. Repeated daily openings/closings will undoubtedly stress it.

The lens feels cheap especially when compared to the X10.

The overall image quality is decent, but not nearly as good as an X10

Totally agree.

I once owned; better than the LX-3 I used extensively, and about on par with my Canon S100. IMHO, Fuji will have to bring down the price on these if they wish to sell. I will not revisit the XF-1.

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