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Re: XF-1 lens not as good as X-10

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It is easy to see in the I-R.com Comparometer that the X10 lens produces sharper results than the XF1 for a similar scene. You will have to pixel peep because the difference is not dramatic.

Some reviewers say the XF1 lens is sharp through the range with only mild corner softness, others suggest the lens just isn't up to scratch overall. One German lab site gives the XF1 very high marks(digitalkamera.de) whilst another (chip.de) marks it down below the compact average.

I have to say that with the inconsistency of respectable Review sites and DPRE's admission that RX100 samples should viewed with caution, due to depth of focus(focal plane) issues, I am very wary about making any final judgement on IQ from these studio samples.

So, like the OP I would welcome some more hands-on stuff from users.


Great to have the responses so far, thanks very much to those who've contributed up to now....some interesting points.

Although the XF-1 also seems to have in-camera RAW conversion, using the internal 'jpeg processing engine', it appears there may be more to be had from XF-1 RAW files if I had the patience to use the dreaded SilkyPix software. ACR & LR are apparently incapable of drawing decent results. So, that may be one consideration, if I could be bothered.

Thanks Nick (NIKII) for pointing out those two German sites. I'm also concluding that, like every other imaging-related device, there's a potentially wide variance in calibration and actual quality of manufacture. Big-name, 'tight-tolerance', high-priced products are also definitely not immune from this (thinking of my D3/24-70 experience).

And sometimes there's sheer kidology ...at the time, you couldn't find a duff review of the D3/24-70 combo, but it really wasn't much better than my D200/tamron 17-50 f2.8 combo that I returned to (for wedding work) ...even after D3body/lens recalibration.

Maybe the reviewers so far have had varying quality of XF-1s - especially with regard to lens manufacture - and perhaps some were pre-prod versions (that maybe they weren't even advised of).

What's strange is the general lack of image samples online (there are only 2 FF shots on their own site) ....was the XF-1 made to use some of the original X-10 sensors?! Sorry to chuck that out there, but it does make one wonder!

I have posted dozens of XF1 shots here in this forum.  Do a search and you will find them.

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