Which forums for unbiased opinions?

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Re: Which forums for unbiased opinions?

For what it's worth here is my 2 cents for a very interesting question.  I have enjoyed the responses thus far and hope to see some more input after some additional "information gathering".

To me a bias is formed due to some new information received or some new experience gained in any area.  A good experience tends to leave us with a positive bias and visa versa.

So.  Try and look at it this way.  A bias based on very little knowledge or experience could be very misleading and quite flawed and not serve us very well. (hence the normal outcry against bias)  However, as we acquire more and more experience and knowledge, the more accurate our bias that we have formed becomes and thus more valuable and serviceable.

Here is an example which I am applying today as I buy my new camera. (first new one since 2004!)

I come here (DPR) to read users' bias in regard to digital cameras.  Now with regards to usability and the actual experience of "learning" to use a camera that you have never seen before, we all have some bias, but surely none as much as the reviewers at DPR. (Thank you DPR staff! one and a all!) I have read widely, considered carefully, and with 2 camera's on my short list I am picking the one which is felt to be the easiest and most enjoyable to operate. (IQ of the 2 cameras being sufficiently equal).  I am relying on the expert bias of the reviewers here who have had to familiarize themselves with multitudes of new cameras and bewildering array of configurations and user interfaces.  I feel confident with my choice and greatly appreciate the views (bias) expressed here.  Thanks DPR and readers.

In answer to the OP's question.  You will always find bias.  And that's not necessarily a bad thing.  But to quote a famous expression, we must "consider the source".

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