how to respond when asked "why don't you get a DSLR?"

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Re: how to respond when asked "why don't you get a DSLR?"

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being a 2+yr mirrorless shooter (and never used a DSLR), I often get comments like "nice photos, why don't you get a DSLR?" Sometimes I try explaining the sensor equivalence to most DSLRs therefore similar image quality (and then I get the "huh?" look), while other times I just get lazy and say DSLRs are too big. What might be the most sensible & informative way of explaining myself?

There are two kind of people that can give you this questions. Clients (or possible clients) or not clients (friends, fellow amateur photographers, people on the street).

For the second kind, say whatever you want. It is lighter, it takes good pictures, I dont care for DSLRs, cause I like new things, cause Im not a dinosaur, etc.

For clients or possible clients, I always show the camera the first time, with as much things on as possible. that means, with the LEAE2 and my sigma macro 70mm 2.8. That combination looks impressibe, and even people with DSLRs ask me what it is, and looks intimidating. I generally explain that I have the best of both worlds with that combination. That I have somehting as a modular DSLR (actualy DSLT, but I dont educate people on that). I can have the big DSLR with the LEAE2 adapter and the lenses (I dont explain the adapter) and a smaller kind of point and shoot but with the same image quality without the adapter.

After they see the first images and like it, I can start changing the lenses and get into a smaller configuration.

Im actually an amateur (I consider myself that) but Im getting small gigs, so Im starting to think as a pro, or try to look as one (pro as in, charge for my work) to start getting more, but I don't consider myself that (but I will never admit it)

Grin, you certinly have good technique, I can see the stifled yawns and the darting eyes looking for a way to politely escape this conversation ....

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