P7700 gives poor dynamic range / brightness results?

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Re: P770 gives poor dynamic range / brightness results?

Sol Invictus wrote:

I never said that photography is my profession, rather I'm trying to find a way to produce images that I (can) like. I've read the posts about the way my P7700 treats eV but I guess that what I need is P7700's clarity/detail combined with FZ-150's way of treating an image (colors etc). Again, almost all of this discussion is focused on how the P7700 responds to light and I think that there are some quick ways to fix that (software PP). Its the color reproduction that also bothers me. Images come out flat and not so "interesting".

*I wanted to have acceptable results straight OOC and not rely on software tools to have a good result. Thats what I was expecting from a premium compact.

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You can't look at light (exposure) and colors separately from each other. You found the picture from Dwayne a bit flat, and I agreed more or less. I showed you in my first post (have you looked at it at all??) what (in my opinion) was the reason for it: Dwayne had probably deliberately underexposed to achieve a "moody" effect. If he had intended  a picture according to your liking he would have exposed differently. As I could not take the same subject with a "proper" exposure, I simulated the effect in PP, doing nothing else than augmenting the exposure. You really can't say anymore that the resulting picture is flat and lacks of vivid colors.

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