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NewsyL wrote:

How close do you think the output of the video card in your PC/Mac is to that factory system?

A factory calibrated monitor is only as good as the data fed to it.

And, as others have said, the monitor will age (was more of an issue with CRT's and CCFL back lights) and soon that factory calibration will off standard.

Many thanks for that great input.

Since I do not have a calibration tool - I can only go by eye and waht I have seen using those on-line calibration pages.

Black and white levels - I like the Photo Friday: Monitor Calibration Tool

Photo Friday: Monitor Calibration Tool

I can easily see the black levels A, B, and C and white levels I can also see easily X,Y, and Z

In terms of Color - I looked at the Online Monitor Test - Color Range Multiple Online Monitor Test - Color Range Multiple

and also the Contrast test Contrast test

I can see each color segment easily.

For continuous tone I used Online Monitor Test - Trailing Main test Online Monitor Test - Trailing Main test

the ones were continuous.

Like I said short of actually using a calibration tool - by eye the monitor seems well adjusted on the factory preset for sRGB.

But I absolutely take the point that may not be as accurate as it can potentially be and once the monitor ages thing may shift - but for now it is brand new and things "seem" OK - within reason.

I am not against calibration - just for now I do not have the capability other than by eye.

I looked at the various monitor review sites Pictus very kindly provided - in particular the AH-IPS panel monitors since that is the technology this ViewSonic VX2270Smh-LED is based on - those monitors (eg: Dell U2713H, Dell U2913WM) seem to do pretty well on their sRGB factory preset - seems almost to me to be within experimental errors - or at least someone inexperienced in monitor calibration - like me, for example

Having said that I am impressed with the monitor - as it were - straight out of the box with its sRGB preset capability.

Thank you.

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