Cameralabs Review: FZ200 v.s. SX50

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Re: DP review haven't reviewed it

AdamT wrote:

DP review haven`t reviewed it , Jeff Keller of DCR did the tests and who knows why he came to that conclusion, reviews are really of little more use than opinions of forum members anyway, they`re just official for the site concerned .... People here only tend to believe reviews which favour the cam they`ve bought , sadly that`s Human nature for ya.

I thought the FZ200 IQ was very good in RAW, though noisier at all ISOs than the SX50 - I don`t like Panny colour which rules out the JPG and the NR is heavier at all ISOs . the FZ was ruled out for me by its reach alone. I can get that even from my backup DSLR easily even with a 70-300 on and cropped with far better performance so no gain anywhere . there`s no way I could beat the SX50`s 1200mm without hiring a preposterously expensive, I uprezzed 1DS3 and 550D images with my biggest gun, a 400mm F5.6 Prime until I was blue in the face, the SX50 always won .

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I looked at reviews and ignored what the reviewer said about image quality since I could see the images from which they judged that. I looked at images folks posted in these forums also. I also paid lots of attention to whether they were struggling against the camera or having fun with it. I did that latter especially with regard to the woeful EVF, which although perhaps better than some other woeful Canon EVFs is really woeful compared to my SX20. I judged that the camera was working well for lots of folks and doing so in jpg modes and with incredible IS and good looking moderate to higher ISO settings (not what I ever experienced with the SX20).

On that basis I went for the SX50 and I've been really impressed with the OOC jpgs and I've had a lot of fun trying to improve on them with raws. I tolerate the EVF to have that reach and the incredible IS.


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