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Very Interesting (from my dropbox)

This is over an hour and a half gas well hydraulic fracturing documentary. It is only about an area in the US but we are doing the same thing in areas of Canada.

Does not look like a good idea at all

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It's very obvious that these wells have been improperly constructed. I think that there looks like a cover up and that makes it a crime. I am not familiar with the geology on the area these wells were drilled. The well casing is supposed to cemented which would prevent this type of communication between the gas zone and the drinking water zone.

There are hundreds of thousands of gas wells in north Louisiana and Texas that have been drilled and fractured for more than 50 years. I have about a dozen wells on my second of land in North Louisiana. There has never been a problem such as the ones documented in this video.

I hope that this issue is investigated and the proper persons are identified and prosecuted. It's giving the entire industry a bad reputation.

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Just as some have not caused a problem, some have. They have in the UK. I think that the industry puts profits before concern for those living nearby.

I agree with that.  I hope that they make changes to regulations instead of just shutting down the technology.  The BP well blowout was a perfect example of drillers bypassing safety concerns.  It is simply Stupid of the drilling managers on that rig to operate with a defective BOP.  This was a classic example of a wildcat well that had a shallow, ground depth, super high pressure gas zone.  They didn't have the mud weight heavy enough for the pressure they encountered.  This is the cause of many blow outs.  Wildcat drillers have to be constantly aware of the possibility of hitting a zone like this at all times.  Add this to the fact that this was the first blow out in water that deep.

The inability to ever talk to someone on the phone about a concern with a big company seems to be a problem of the last twenty years that needs addressing. In the old days you could talk to people and write and get a reply from the person that mattered. Today, with a simple company answering system any company can virtually stop anyone from contacting them. I think this problem needs addressing world wide. I'm sure most people here have experienced it. I remember when i could phone my bank and get put through to the manager. That's impossible today. Why?

Yes, there are areas for improvements in this too.  You might have to keep climbing the responsibility ladder to get a response.

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