Aperture: backing up referenced originals

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Re: Aperture: backing up referenced originals

noirdesir wrote:

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I'm trying to find a neat way of backing up referenced originals. Up to now I've kept everything in my iMac's Aperture library. But the internal drive is getting full. So I have just relocated a big chunk of originals onto an external HD (call it the primary), which I intend to keep permanently mounted.

But previously, for backup, I kept two vaults on two separate external HDs. From now on I assume the vaults will no longer contain those referenced originals, so I'm guessing that I now have just one copy of the originals (on the primary external HD), whereas I had three copies before (one on the iMac and one each in the two vaults).

For immediate safety I've simply duplicated the newly-created project folders from the primary HD onto a secondary HD, but that seems clumsy and if the primary HD were to go pop would Aperture be able to find them on the secondary? The folder and naming structure on the secondary is identical to the primary.

But there must be a more elegant way of backing up the originals?

The elegant way is to use any of the common backup applications for this: Time Machine, SuperDuper, Carbon Copy Cloner, Synk, Chronosync.

Thanks. But doesn't TM make something other than a clone of the original disk? And anyway, can one use TM to back up one external drive to another? I thought it was just for backing up the internal drive onto an external.

I read somewhere that you can use Aperture itself to copy originals from one external drive to another, but I can't figure out how.


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