OM-D E-M5 a huge disappointment for me...

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Re: OM-D E-M5 a huge disappointment for me...

Jolly Oly wrote:

nolaalon wrote:

I read many reviews before choosing the E-M5 as a camera to replace my aging Oly dslr's. Upon spending a couple of weeks with it I find that this camera is fatally flawed for my use, and I just can not believe that this issue is not really addressed to the proper extent in reviews.

agree shutter shock is serious issue but to say that "camera is fatally flawed" is an exaggeration.

I shoot exclusively hand held and only available light. I have a steady hand and regularly shoot sharp shots at shutter times that violate the rule of thumb using my dslr. I am often shooting in the 1/8 to 1/200 range at base iso. On the OM-D E-M5 I find that 90% of the shots I take are blurred in a systematic way or "doubled". The degree or severity of the problem seems to be somewhat lens dependent.

lens and camera dependent - not only the OMD problem. I had terrific shutter shock issues with the Olympus 40-150mm on my OMD, which I replaced with a Panasonic 45-175 lens, known for the same issues with Panasonic bodies. Now that notoriously bad Panasonic lens works fantastic with my Olympus body.

Given these results I dug deeper and discovered the "shutter shock" problem which has been discussed here in various threads. In my reading I found that setting an "anti-shock" delay is a method for reducing this problem, and in my testing it is an effective way to reduce, if not completely eliminate the problem. However, introducing a shutter lag on the order of fractions of a second reduces the performance and responsiveness of the camera in an unacceptable way. I am just surprised that this issue is not a deal breaker for more users, or a significant issue for reviewers. I guess many are content with using high iso to avoid the conditions that are most susceptible to shutter-shock, but to me it seems like a big compromise...

I am wondering, am I alone in being disappointed with the shutter-shock problems and the anti-shock delay solution? I would be interested in other user's experiences. The OM-D E-M5 is capable of delivering truly incredible image quality in a very compact package, but for me the anti-shock delay is a huge price to pay...

Anyone who says this is a non issue has been (so far) lucky and have never experienced it or have nothing against anti-shock delay which is, imo, improvisation. I'm with you that manufacturers should take better measures to counter that issue in the fist place, via hardware or via software - without any additional user actions.

The worst thing about it is - it looks to me that way - there is no rule about affected camera-lens combinations in which this issue can occur. Some user has problems with OMD + Panny 12-35, and some don't. Others, but only some, has issues with fantastic 75mm f1.8.. You can find a lot of examples when someone said that just third or fourth copy of the same XY lens was good. How is that possible ?

I tried to gather some infos about it in this thread but was left without responses - I guess like Papillon said for majority of users it's not a big issue after all.

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Yes, it seems to be a non-issue for many.  I will also agree with you on the lens dependent behavior, there really does not seem to be a pattern in my experience.  That said I seem to see the behavior with all of the lenses in my collection, just to varying degrees.

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