E-PL5: mechanical grinding/rattling noises at slow shutter speeds

Started Jan 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sounds normal to me.

Guy Parsons wrote:

Stick your ear hard against any Pen (or any sensor stabilised camera) and you can hear the IBIS grind away just like in your video. Longer than 2 seconds exposure and it automatically disables on a Pen as the camera assumes that you must be using a stable platform to be attempting a long exposure, and maybe to help stop actuator overheating.

Even the Panasonic lens OIS does a quiet hum all the time on Olympus as it holds the lens at zero position, then enable OIS via the E-PL5/PM2 menu and it makes a similar quiet grinding noise. Need ear hard against the lens to hear it.

Regards...... Guy

Actually my E-PL5 is virtually silent normally even with my ear against the camera. It's only in this circumstance with slow shutter speeds that it makes noise. Even my wife heard it across the room and thought something was wrong with the camera.

If it's normal then I'll keep the camera. The sound is not very reassuring though.

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