FZ200 - Pest Control 101: "How to combat Trolls"

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Re: Complain Button

Ms Family,

I cannot be held responsible for your confusion concerning your name!  Also, someone hid your signature, the rascals.   If this confusion continues, I will be forced to discover a better name for you, as I have for SirFiddle,

Now, I have examined your signature and, although I have reservations concerning the surfeit of individualism running rampant here, there and everywhere (I blame Ayn Rand) it is tempting to comply, at least for a bit.  Of course, this would mean I could indulge myself in all sorts of eccentricities, which are normally abated on the grounds that solipsism is a mental disease associated with post-modernism so best not contracted.

But this to the side.

Would you like to buy a-one of my troll nets for the incredibly low price of ten of your best photos (full size mind) and any old science fiction novels you have grown tired of?  The net is much better than a "complain" button as one can watch the troll wriggle and curse, which is nearly as good as watching a politician being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman.

SirLataxe, who has other names but they're a secret, to avoid any troll-spells taking.

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