Can I do better than the 24-105 kit lens?

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Re: Can I do better than the 24-105 kit lens?

Sunpilot wrote:

I am new to digital photography...making the jump from film and point and shoot cameras.

I just ordered a 6d kit with the 24-105 lens. It will be here tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm not sure if I should keep the kit lens or sell it and go for a different mix of lenses.

I almost always shoot scenery and architecture (rustic buildings, farm equipment, etc.) and night sky shots. Not really into sports or wildlife shooting.

I really enjoy ultra wide lens shooting, and I am not sure if the kit lens will satisfy me...I'm on a tight budget right now, so I can't just go and buy a bunch of lenses. Should I sell the kit lens and get an ultra wide and a cheaper zoom? Any advice would be appreciated

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The 24~105 is an excellent lens, and bought as part of a kit is very good value for money, and you would need to spend a great deal more money to improve on it with a 24~70/2.8L II or /4L IS; both have a smaller zoom range and the first has no IS but does offer an extra stop. Learn about FF DSLR photography with the combination you have on order and on the basis if what you learn, decide what you need to change or add.

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