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Re: Some pointless discussions lately

TThorne wrote:

I'm really happy that you like your X-Cam/s as do I, but criticism of the tool is just as valuable to potential buyers as tips, instructions, and examples of the positive aspects of the camera. Just because owners do not like to see any mention of flaws in the equipment they chose to their money on does not mean that information is silly or non constructive. Would you also suggest a sticky of all the known issues and obstacles potential buyers should know prior to purchase? Or how about a sticky that points out the various types of photography and the level of difficulty that might be experienced if using one of the current X-Cams?

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There's no reason why a sticky thread on Processing Tips and Techniques couldn't cover known issues such as auto-focus speed and raw processing, and offer suggestions for the best work-arounds. I think this would be very useful.

This forum has lots of experienced and helpful posters. Unfortunately a lot of the most helpful posts tend to get buried when the same "contentious" topics get hashed out over and over again. Just my 2 cents.

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