Moving on from posts re selling a Fuji X camera or X-trans problems...

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Re: Moving on from posts re selling a Fuji X camera or X-trans problems...

There is more than just reading blogs or reviews. I am very happy with my X100 but I know from another forum a guy who eventually had enough of his and sold it. I found mine works great if I keep it simple so I tend to use Auto ISO and back button AF. If I am wondering around I have the camera at F8 with it focused to about several feet away ready for any photo ops that might come my way. I am often checking the histogram, looking at how much contrast is around and thinking about how much exposure compensation I may need. All so that when I get to take a picture I am only doing one thing at a time and can take pictures and move on. This other guy though tried to shoot in full manual all the time because he didn't trust the cameras automation, couldn't keep on top of the camera and so was frequently getting poor shots out of it. A situation which for him never improved so he sold up and went back to a DSLR.

I have a real hard time though believing that competent professional either didn't know about these cameras foibles or couldn't make the thing work for them. Lets get real here, they are still easier to use than cameras from 20+ years ago like my Nikon FM which I loved.

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