Moving on from posts re selling a Fuji X camera or X-trans problems...

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Re: Moving on from posts re selling a Fuji X camera or X-trans problems...

I find signal-to-noise ratios poor on most forums, especially large/active ones like dpreview. The way I deal with it is to skip any threads that seem uninteresting, speculative or troll-seeking, and I use the "ignore" tool liberally to screen out individual posters who, in my judgement, have poor individual signal-to-noise ratios.

It may sound like it shouldn't have to be said, but I'm much less annoyed when I skip threads that I know will likely annoy me. Anything that says: "I ditched xxx for xxx," "should I buy xxx," "raw conversion shame on Fuji," "should I wait for a camera that hasn't been tested or shipped yet" etc just don't get read. The threads I do read are much less tedious when 5-10 posters' messages are magically missing. I'm very grateful to dpreview for finally getting the ignore feature functional.

I concentrate on what I find useful and try to spend as little time as possible on annoying content. I definitely wouldn't mind heavier moderation here to keep the troll posts down, but I've found some very useful information and seen some wonderful images here that keep me coming back.

framus wrote:

The 'many conflicting opinions' that are apparent here are not necessarily objective. This is DPreview, some come here to entertain themselves, peep at pixels, and prognosticate about specifications...In my view, DPreview forums are a poor place for researching photo tools. Signal to noise here is poor...

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