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Re: Slightly OT raw converter discussion

jonska wrote:

I don't know about you, but I much prefer the Irfanview version, so just for fun, I went back to LR and tried to replicate the Irfanview version there, but with no success. I really would like to be able to upload "quick and dirties" straight from LR.

So here is my question: Are those of you who use any of these three raw converters discussed in the "showdown" (or any other converter) happy with the default results, or the results using your import defaults, if you use any?

Is there anyone who could replicate the Irfanview version using LR - I can send the raw if you want to try. Can you put your finger on the principal difference? (contrast appears to be one obvious difference, but bumping contrast in LR does not appear to do the trick. Saturation another? Clarity?).

Some posters have put quite a lot of effort into processing the photo. In keeping with your original post, I did a few quick and dirty versions, ccropped to the same FOV, resized and uploaded to Picasa

Here's your original LR3 version, resized and uploaded to Picasa:

LR3 original post

Direct conversion in LR4 appeared to be identical to the above, so no point in posting it. I hit Auto Tone on the Librabry screen and converted with just that one-button change. I think this may be what you are looking for. I don't have a lot of experience with it, but it has worked well when I have tried it.

LR4, Auto Tone conversion

Next up is Pentax Digital Camera Utility 4. As I stated a few posts ago, I changed the setting from the camera default Bright, to Reversal Film. I found it a little dark, so I added +0.3Ev. This exercise gave me a more confidence in LR4, because it is very very close to DCU4, and this is not what I experienced in the past. I'll have to retry with a photo showing a better selection of colours, especially red and yellow tones, which are tougher to nail.

Pentax DCU4, Reversal Film image tone, +0.3Ev

Lastly was just playing around quickly in DCU4. I added .3Ev again, but changed WB to Cloudy. I like it better than the cool blue K-5 presentation. I find all Pentax cameras after the K-7 too cool in daylight when using AWB.

I am very disappointed at the sharpness shown here, but I pretty much expected this. I didn't add sharpening, because it would have added another variable (LR4 vs DCU4 sharpening). The Picasa version is noticeably softer than the same photos in my hard drive.

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