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Re: Some pointless discussions lately

vkphoto wrote:

It is just my opinion only but, for what it’s worth, I’d like to share it with you.

Lately I see a lot of threads where same frustrations are shared again and again.

Replace *** with “will sell it” or “am not buying it”.

“Because Fuji X is not up to professional standards I ***”

“Because Fuji X raw files conversion doesn’t exist I ***”

“Because Fuji X is not on display in my local shop I ***”

“My other XYZ camera is so phenomenal, so I ***”

Or simple questions such as “What raw converter to use?”, “Will lens XYZ work with camera XYZ?” etc. are asked regardless that forum search is readily available.

Question to forum mods, is it possible to create “sticky notes” in the forum? At least two of them.

One, let’s call it something like “Fuji X in the world of professional photography”, will link to excellent galleries created by DaveKaiPiper, chris24net, mike kobal and many other professional photographers here. It would be a great inspiration to new (and not so) Fuji X users.

Another one “Processing tips and techniques” will offer member’s wisdom how to use ACR, Silkypix, RPP and many other excellent tools.

It may help to reduce the number of silly debates and allow productive members to focus on constructive discussions.



You couldn't say it any better.....Sometime I feel people get paid to bring rubbish talk against anything FujiFilm onto this forum. Its sad really

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